WOW! The last time I posted was in February!

How can it possibly be THAT long ago?!

Ok, well, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Renovating my Mum’s place complete with new loft (thank you !!!)
  • Bought a new car (Land Rover – very old one)
  • Changed my hairstyle and…
  • I dyed my hair pink and green with some light blue streaks here and there
  • The cat has grown
  • Mum’s got a puppy
  • Our goldfish is still alive and kicking and now nearly 5
  • I sold my old car
  • And I’ve got a brand new job! Yep – working as self employed hair stylist!
  • OH – and I finally managed to change the carpet in the hallway!!!
  • So, yes, I’ve been a little bit busy 🙂 BUT not too busy to have stopped posting for such a long time. I should have posted months ago and I can believe it’s been so long. I did forget my login details for a while though.

On the down side, I haven’t seen a single cactus in like… months! Booooooooooo. Hahahahahaha.



I wanted but it was already taken.


Life sucks like that, huh…

Ok, I am hella NOT blogging with blog posts here. Pages are way better so we’ll get those thanks.